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Supporting environmental projects, research activities and raising awareness of environmental issues in the memory of Oscar Montgomery. 

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Update #6 from Naomi!

Update number six from Naomi! Naomi and the ocean spirits team are now doing field work on a remote island, which means busy schedules and

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Update #4 from Naomi!

The fourth update from Naomi (Student from University of Plymouth) who is still over in Grenada working with Ocean Spirits and St. George’s University. It

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Update #3 from Naomi!

The third update from Naomi from her time with Ocean Spirits and St. George’s University in Grenada. Make sure you see the previous updates to

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Our Story

OMEF was born on the 13th July 2020, in memory of Oscar Montgomery ‘the dangerous dreamer’. Oscar was a passionate, caring and determined young man who lived big. He loved the sea with a deep passion, and was destined to live in, on and under the sea, in any way that he could.
His passion for the sea extended to the entirety of the natural world, and his wish to care for the natural world meant he was a fervent environmentalist.

His life came to a sudden end in May 2020, which led us to create this charity as his lasting legacy, creating the change and supporting the environment in ways he wanted to himself.


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Founded in July 2020 to further the Legacy of Oscar Montgomery. A passionate young man destined to achieve great change.

Our Vision

We are passionate about marine life but we do not discriminate and aim to offer support to conserve the global environment.

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Donate with JustGiving.Every Penny you Donate goes Directly to Projects

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