Suffering the impacts of COVID-19. Whilst we are now a registered charity we are still waiting for various formalities, the speed of which these are being approved is EXTREMELY slow! 

We appreciate all the support which has been shown and hope to be able to take donations directly very soon. 

We have lots of exciting things coming and I look forward to sharing them with you!

Thanks for your patience, Hannah. 


Investing in a better future

Supporting environmental projects, research activities and raising awareness of environmental issues in the memory of Oscar Montgomery. 

Our Story

OMEF was born on the 13th July 2020, in memory of Oscar Montgomery ‘the dangerous dreamer’. Oscar, a passionate, caring and determined young man, who fell in love with the sea and the underwater world from a young age.  He was full of promise and was destined to become a marine biologist. Unfortunately his life came to a sudden end in June 2020, which has led us to create this charity as his lasting legacy, creating the change and supporting the environment in ways he wanted to himself.


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Our current projects/ fundraising efforts
(as a brand new charity we are waiting for a variety of things to be formalised till we can formally introduce the projects we are working on - Please bear with us!)

About Us

Founded in July 2020 to further the Legacy of Oscar Montgomery. A passionate young man destined to achieve great change.

Our Vision

We are passionate about marine life but we do not discriminate and aim to offer support to conserve the global environment.

Our motto

Support the change

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Listen to our story of how we began. Learn about the projects we support. Share our foundation on social media. Understand the need for change. Donate today!

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Want to know more? reach out to us. Want us to support your project? Please get in touch. 

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