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We are very excited to announce that the Oscar Montgomery Environmental Foundation has fully funded a project working in collaboration with Ocean Spirits, University of Plymouth and St. Georges University in Grenada! This project will see ResM student Naomi Westlake working closely with the partners in Grenada, spending 12 weeks out there this summer as well as time in the Lab back in the UK. 

This project aims to better understand the threats and challenges of hawksbill sea turtles and green sea turtles, looking into their behaviours and habits with the ultimate goal of developing a series of measures that can be used to support the sustainable conservation of the species now and in the future. 

As anyone dedicated to environment we strive for creating change through better knowledge, understanding, and policy change, and this is exactly what projects such as this are working towards. This project and the location makes this the perfect project to support and we are proud to be part of this collaboration with some fantastic people doing great things! We are looking forward to sharing with you all progress of the project and some updates and hopefully some great pictures along the way. 

Without everyone’s support we could not have accomplished this so a huge thank you, this is our promise to continue doing some great things with all the funds you have helped us raise!

You can read more about the project here: International project aims to understand and protect endangered sea turtles – University of Plymouth

And here you can read more about Naomi!: Naomi Westlake: a life beneath the surface – University of Plymouth