Projects OMEF have supported so far

We are still a relatively new charity and still having discussions and making decisions on these projects, so a formal release has not yet been made and this is all the information we can share at this time. Please continue following our journey to see more information on these exciting ventures when we can release it!

Project 1

We are proud to be fully funding a new research project that will
protect two endangered marine turtle species in Grenada. This project
is particularly close to heart, with Oscar having visited Grenada and the
turtles with his family.
The research aims to understanding more about the migration of the
turtles, their nesting habits and the measures required to support
their conservation. It will be managed collaboratively by the University
of Plymouth (UK), St George’s University (Grenada, West Indies) and
Grenada-based marine conservation charity Ocean Spirits Inc.
The project will ensure that the 2022-23 nesting season is fully protected
from any hunting, allowing the baby turtles of these endangered species
to hatch and re-enter the water.

Project 2

Linked to Project One, we are delighted to be fully funding a Masters
research student.
She will use a combination of techniques to identify the origin and
migration corridors of Grenada’s critically endangered hawksbill sea
turtles and endangered green sea turtles. This will include carrying out
DNA analyses and using satellite tag tracking, as well as protecting the
turtles’ nesting grounds.
The outcome of her research will inform national and regional
conservation policies.

What's coming Next

We are currently in discussions with another Caribbean island in relation
to funding a similar programme to protect their marine wildlife including

We are also in the early stages of locating a UK site to plant a new OMEF
funded forest.