Lanterns for Oscars Legacy


The profits from your purchase go to the Oscar Montgomery Environmental Foundation. We hope that these lanterns help you to remember Oscar and the light he bought into the world.


These lanterns consist of origami cranes and hearts aiming to symbolise love, hope and peace, they are hung from a nylon string and when lit up give the illusion of floating. The lights are battery powered LEDs and are easy to change when they eventually run out.


Where possible I re-purpose bottles and jars so please be aware that the lantern you purchase may be different from those pictured. If you have a specific request then please contact me and I will try to accommodate it.


Price includes UK Postage.

These lanterns have been created in order to raise funds for the Oscar Montgomery Environmental Foundation (OMEF) with all profits from their sale going to OMEF.

Oscar went missing whilst spear fishing on the 27th May 2020. His body was recovered 3 weeks later. Oscar was 17 and had a passion for the sea, natural world and environmental issues. OMEF has been set up to create a lasting legacy, aiming to establish change, support the causes and promote Oscars passions.

We hope that these lanterns symbolise freedom, love, peace, hope and light and by buying one you are able to remember Oscar.


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